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Dude, who shot my repeater?

I noticed in a few videos online by preppers about HTs, especially Baofengs, there is a kind of military melodrama storyline being played. In one of the videos I watched, there’s actually someone who gets shot in the woods by some opposing force. That’s a tad much for my tastes. Does that really help sell the radio? I don’t know…

It’s funny in comparison, this dramatic head-game some people get into with radio, compared to what appears to the newcomer to be an utterly mundane and actually kind of boring routine of, for example, a nightly net check-in. I’m always hearing people say things like:

  • The weather
  • That they have to message
  • That they wish everyone a great weekend.

It’s totally not exciting.

I actually haven’t been able to check into a net yet for various reasons. My local repeater seems to have gone dark the day I got my license (conspiracy?).

I *suspect* the real thrill–beyond just listening, which I’m enjoying for its own sake–is the back and forth. The act of speaking, being heard, communicating. In other words, kind of the opposite of shooting people. But hey, maybe that’s just me. Everyone is entitled to their own fantasies.

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