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My first TX

I don’t live in a very populated area, and my repeater was offline for a couple weeks after getting my ticket. So I waited until it came back before trying to transmit. I listened to the local net, but was a combination of too drunk/nervous/shy to chime in. As it’s in French, I’m never quite sure when I’m supposed to throw out my call sign. So anyway, I waited until after the net was over and fired up my Baofeng HT and finally went for it, with some gentle urging from WI5HER.

When I pushed the talk button, my record player (which I tend to leave on without realizing) activated and I could hear a loud hum out of it. Freaked me the f out at first until I realized what was up. Finally, I realized that I was TXing on the listening frequency of the repeater, and had not programmed the offset, so I fired up CHIRP and cloned the repeater settings into the HT and tried again.

I tried a few times, in both French and (hopeful) English. No results. I tried a few times again over the next few days at random times, stationary and while driving with no results.

As of this writing, I’ve had no contact by radio. Every once in a while, after TXing a CQ or a “listening” after my call sign I hear a little bit of noise, a sort of blip blip blip static and possible kerchunk. I can’t tell if that’s a valid user trying to respond and my HT isn’t able to hear them or what. I can hear my repeater fine though when it self-identifies in voice and CW every ten or so minutes.

Oh well.

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