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Listening to local police frequencies

I have some local emergency (police and fire) frequencies stored in my HT, and turn them on occasionally while driving or working outside. I like how the Call button the UV-5R lets you tune to a VHF/UHF frequency and then pressing Call you can tune to a broadcast FM station while you wait, and the broadcast signal will cut out when a VHF/UHF signal on the chosen frequency is detected. So you’re not just listening to silence while waiting for a signal.

Anyway, I was doing some woodworking one Saturday morning and heard the local police discussing a possible emergency:

Some chickens were in the road.


Apparently someone had called it in as a traffic risk, and a squad car was sent to the scene — because that’s the kind of area I live in. The owner was an old man, and was not home. Apparently (obviously) the chickens had escaped. I’m not sure what the resolution was, but this was the best thing I’ve heard so far while scanning the radio.

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