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I passed my amateur radio exam!

Okay, so it’s my second test, actually. My first was technician class in US (though I never did anything with it and my interest languished for years), and a couple of days ago finally passed my Basic Qualification in Canada (or as I call it the BQ – though maybe no one else uses that abbreviation).

So I will go from being KB3SZG to being VA2SFX. US call signs (I think) begin with K or W whereas Canadian begin with V and my province (QC) begins with either VE or VA. I heard from my examiner that VE is more “prestigious” among the old established hams, but I don’t care about that and would rather be “New Wave.” Anyway.

If only I could hear my repeater now… It was easy to find for days until I was ready to check into my net for the first time and now it seems to be missing. There is so much to learn and understand…

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