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Frequency tuning

To change your Baofeng radio to Chinese language settings (spoken voice):

  1. Turn on the radio, and press menu.
  2. Press up arrow until you get to Voice.
  3. Press menu, to modify. Press down/up arrow to CHI.
  4. Press menu to confirm.

Video example of the voice language menu section:

I’m not sure *why* you’d want to change your radio to Chinese voice settings, except that it’s kinda fun…

Makes you feel like you’re tuning into something more exotic.

With my practice chanter, I’ve pretty much got the fingerings down for the scale, but I can hear that I’m having trouble achieving the right notes, especially the more open high ones on the left hand.

In lieu of having an actual instructor, I’ve gone for the next best thing instead: opening a technical feedback channel to help me tune into the frequencies needed.

There’s a simple site called with an Online Tuner that accesses the microphone on your computer via permissions in the browser. So I’m just playing the chanter in front of the computer, climbing up the scale and noting where my pitch is off and trying to adjust with a combination of airflow and embouchure. It’s a little trial and error, but it’s also pretty precise. It gives you both the name of the musical note and the reading in Hz of your soundwave. It’s fun to set this thing to on while you and other people are talking and watch the notes fly by. To see in plain terms the musicality of speech, and how certain people’s voices tune towards certain frequencies…

I successfully learned Morse code (sending) in about 4 hours the other day using the G-System, which I can’t recommend enough. It’s literally a break-through and I’m shocked it’s not more widely known and used. It seems like “some random guy” just invented it about a month/month and a half ago, and it shortens training time from weeks or possibly months into hours. Now I’m learning to copy via AA9PW‘s excellent Morse generator. (I had some app I found on iPad I don’t know the name of which helped me to learn to send as well–there are a bunch of shitty ones out there, I’ll come back and add the name of this decent one later)

Once you go down the road of starting to learn and listen for CW, you start to hear these strange rhythmic patterns everywhere. I was awoken the next morning by a woodpecker outside my window tapping out almost telegraphic sounds.

It starts to get spooky. I was drawing a bath and there was some kind of frequency pattern that started to emerge out of the sound of the drips. Too rapid, too foreign for me to comprehend. But I wonder if one day…

Is this what is meant by the Language of the Birds?

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