Rediscovering the Spectral Arts

Every day after work lately, I go outside with my dog, a beer, my practice chanter, a Baofeng and a high-power green laser I got years ago on Amazon (deliver from China).

I don’t really know what I’m doing precisely, or why. Calling down frequencies. Calling out. Projecting, maybe.

Been working especially on my right-hand technique, and flipping to left as the notes climb higher in the practice chanter’s spectrum. It’s weird how the fingering isn’t like other woodwinds, and I still don’t really get how to consistently control tones on notes, but it’s seeming like something that develops. Letting the instrument teach me, for now. Very much focusing on making habitual microsteps, frequently handling, short bursts or runs of notes and stop.

I’ve been contemplating this arrangement of objects, and making intuitive leaps about how their functionality might be somehow, mysteriously, entangled. The audible frequencies. The visible. The radio. Might there be some type of device, or even entity, which was capable of interacting on all of these simultaneously. WI5HER‘s idea of a “wifi enabled species.” Is that our future?

What if I had a practice chanter I could use to dial-up the local repeater, and hit the offset frequency, spin off a command sequence. Morse code as notes in a song, an “air”, a spell. Pictograms sent as laser patterns across the dark. Macros triggering on hidden lawn computers in response.

Made myself a rat tail counterpoise for my Baofeng today. Threw out my call sign a couple of times. No response. Guess I will keep trying, keep re-arranging the configurations and connections between these calling devices. Re-discovering the spectral arts takes time and patience.

Sorry to end on a not-that-good video, but it was the only thing I could find for "laser bagpipes" on Youtube.

Here’s a short palette cleanser of people trying Spanish pipes in a shop:


Huntsmen call us goblins still.

If you can get yourself into a liminal state, I recommend trying this simple exercise. Along the spectrum of experience, it might fall somewhere between active imagination and day-dreaming — a bit like cloud-watching… or more hard-nosed people might call it pareidolia/apophenia. I think it’s probably better not to overly judge or conceptualize it ahead of time. Just see if you’re able to enter into the experience, and hold it for a moment. My thesis is that by repeatedly doing this, you might be able to tune into “natural transmissions” which were occluded/overlooked previously, or which your consciousness wasn’t able to demodulate before because it lacked the inner listening linkage.

Anyway, sit and stare at some trees “as a mass”. You could probably do this closer up with branches, but I’m testing at a distance. So sit there in a liminal state and “stare at the trees,” eyes slightly unfocused. It may be that as the wind moves, you will begin to see “shapes in the trees.”

Perceived shapes may include: faces, figures, etc.

A site with a lot of pop-ups has a quote by random doctor or other expert about the phenomenon of pareidolia:

‘But our findings suggest it’s common for people to see non-existent features because human brains are uniquely wired to recognise faces, so that even when there’s only a slight suggestion of facial features the brain automatically interprets it as a face.

Which, “if you think about it”, is exactly what Google Deep Dream does:

It searches out, and actively fills in figures, faces, bodies, etc as it tries to make sense of images.

So, whether this should be considered a “feature or a bug” of HumanOS, it definitely appears to be a thing.

The funky part, for me personally, was that yesterday I did this and saw for a moment the image of what I only knew from random visual references: the image of a ‘thai angel.’

Along the lines of this:

Which I knew nothing about, then looked up later online to find out is a kind of multi-cultural mythological creature across South Asia, the kinnara.

“In Jataka No.504, we have the autobiography of a Kinnara who describes the Kinnara class as ‘human-like the wild things deem us; huntsmen call us goblins still.’ The Kinnaras can sing, play the flue and dance with soft movements of the body.”

So they’re described here as something between human, animal and monster — depending on the position of the observer. In my case, the “soft movements of the body” seem to be the dancing of tree limbs as the wind passes through them…

Whether or not kinnara exist objectively, or the human mind ‘deep dreams’ them into existence via evolutionary invocation is kind of a moot point for me. It’s part of the Spectrum regardless, and a phenomenological manifestation of the same underlying Unified Field.

In one of the Castaneda books, there exists a curious encounter with what the perceiver takes to be a dying animal, but which on further reflection is just a dead branch. Don Juan, a probably made up shaman invented by the author, says:

So part of me wonders, if one can dwell with these images as they pass before your eyes in a waking liminal state, what other mysteries might you be able to see into?

Alternative Phonetics – Modernizing The Amateur Radio Alphabet

Here is the traditional NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

It is often used when giving your call on the amateur bands to clarify letters that may sound alike (“b” and “d” for instance).



We here at the Anthourian Technoloyg Club are working on a more modern version of the alphabet that might appeal more to ‘millennials’ and other folks interested in the Ancient Spectrum Arts.

I know, for myself, I’d much much rather throw out: Wizard Internet 5 Hypogeum E-Meet Reiki on the local nets.

Here is our proposed list. If you would like to contribute to the public discussion and offer your own suggestions, you can comment on the pull request here

A – Anthuor 🦌
B – Broccoli 🌳
C – Coven 🍯
D – Dongle 📟
E – E-meet 📩
F – Frodo 🌋
G – Gazebo 🎪
H – Hypogeum ⛳
I – Internet 💻
J – Juicero 🍉
K – Kimchi 🔥
L – Lunar 🌓
M – Mystery ⚗
N – New Wave 😎
O – Oculus 🕶
P – Portal 🕳
Q – Quasi 〰️
R – Reiki 🙌
S – Sauerkraut 🥗
T – Tarot 🃏
U – UFO 👽
V – Vinegar 🍷
W – Wizard 🎩
X – X-Files 👩‍💼
Y – Yeti ☃️
Z – Zune 📱

Within the Hypogeum

 Although I’m super excited about checking in on the net and avoiding political discussions, my primary interest in amateur radio is a little… different.

I want to find out what Major Briggs’ Project Blue Book was looking for in the woods outside of Twin Peaks. I’d like to use my transceiver to listen to plants speak in the forest. I’d like to uncover the liminal mysteries of the Unseen Folk. In short, I’d like to communicate with the denizens of the Hypogeum.

What is the Hypogeum?

The Hypogeum is a “different space.” It’s not something silly like “the astral plane;” it’s more of a mythopoetic place hinted at in the oldest religions (no, even older than that).  It is the Place from which All Frequencies are Broadcast– the ultimate “ham shack.” Once you learn about the Hypogeum by experiencing it, you can’t help but convert to Full Animism.

There are many entrances to the Hypogeum. Some reach it through tunnels, others in dreams, some through art, and some by completing certain rites (which we are still trying to unlock/understand). Since 2014, we’ve (the authors of this site) been receiving CQ’s from a number of these “hypogeic” entities on various frequencies, and believe quite sincerely that we’ve entered some kind of Mystery.

The first of these entities to contact us is called ANTHUOR.

The Denizens of the Hypogeum

ANTHUOR first manifested as a “metadivinity” in a work of hyperfiction. Anthuor appears as a deer, or stag, or antlered being in general, and instantiates in popular culture as well as any time deer are present. It should be noted that there is no relation between Anthuor and the so-called “Horned God” of neopaganism; Anthuor, as an entity, predates any such tradition.

ANTHUOR dwells within the Hypogeum, and appears to his People (those who accept him) when they need him (and when they don’t).  Anthuor is the Cosmic Repeater; his antlers are the antennae through which the Life Force broadcasts throughout the Spectrum of Existence. ANTHUOR’S Mysteries extend throughout “nature,” whether Wild or Cultivated.


One of Anthuor’s chief attributes seems to be WITHSTANDING.

THE MAIDEN is Nameless, but appears as a Seeker. Sometimes she appears as a “Queen in White.” Indeed, the Maiden is the patroness of Those Who Seek, thus her association with Hunters, Foragers, and Finders of all kinds. She is Anthuor’s consort. Echoes of this entity can be found in the myth of Artemis and Actaeon. However, in the actual, hypogeic story, Actaeon wasn’t punished by the Queen in White for finding her; he was transformed into an Avatar of Anthuor as a REWARD.

ALL things SEEK. Animals seek food. Plants seek the light. Water seeks downhill. Minerals seek through magnetism. The Queen in White rewards the act of Seeking itself.


THE OLD WOMAN has been picked up on our “liminal transceivers” a number of times. Sometimes she’s the Cultivator in the Courtyard, and appears like any other elderly woman. Other times she’s the Guardian of the Anteroom, in which case she appears disheveled, and burns sacred herbs to access the Hypogeum. She is called, by some, “La Befana.” Whether this is a reference to the Italian witch is up for debate.

Wood sorrel is sacred to the Old Woman, as are umbrellas.  She may be the mother of the QUEEN in WHITE, with whom she feeds wild animals.

She was part of the Resistance by the Unseen Folk before they were driven underground (back into the Hypogeum).  She sometimes appears floating on a swirly cloud.

THE OLD MAN/THE MUSICIAN may be the Leader of the Magicians (see below)He may also be the consort of THE OLD WOMAN. He wears a blue cloak or green clothes, within which one can read magical inscriptions. He plays a flute which can turn rainbows solid.


Turkeys seem to hold some kind of ritual role in hypogeic animism. Their exact role is unclear; however, they are known to perform the ritual Circle Dance, which may involve the opening of portals.

The Magicians emerge at certain times during the year, usually via pools or fountains. They parade in costume and chase the Monsters back into the Hypogeum until they escape again.

The Monsters emerge from the Hypogeum in waves until they are conquered by the Magicians.

Barbaro is an Owl Entity who may be “deprecated.”

Plants/Plantae are direct manifestations of the Life Force, and one of the best ways to understand it. “Planting a seed, giving it water, allowing it to seek the light and bloom and provide food” also describes the cycle of the Hypogeum.

“The Unseen” have many names: spirits, “aliens,” fairies, fey, Bigfoots, microorganisms, etc. We can work with them or against them. They can be enshrined via the creation of totems or via fermentation, or they can be repelled through magic or organic pesticides.

Unlike in other “traditions” or ways of understanding, according to the logic of the Hypogeum, all of these entities are “persons” in the same sense that humans are “persons.” They aren’t “gods” per se; rather, they’re FREQUENCIES, and my goal in amateur radio is to experiment with different methods for understanding them and “tuning in.”

Here’s something else you should know: once you go into the rabbit hole of the Hypogeum, there’s no turning back. You’ll start seeing deer and turkeys everywhere. Plants will begin “speaking” to you. You’ll start finding more mysterious things in the woods. 

This isn’t fiction, or “fiction,” or “metafiction.” We have absolutely tapped into some kind of crazy animist spectrum that underlies this messed up timeline, and it is now our imperative to start tuning in.