Follow The Spectrum: Origins of the ATC

We remember it like it was yesterday… 

Caught the BARF train downtown—just like any other morning — to the offices of the widely-regarded innovation powerhouse, Early Clues, LLC, (a not-for-non-profit startup) where we all interned together.

The door was unlocked, which was odd. JANICE usually had to buzz us in due to security issues in the neighborhood. But today it swung open with nary a creak, revealing the first of many shocks which came to be multiplied in the coming days: an all but empty office.

A couple of mostly empty boxes with grungy cables and an office chair with broken wheels were unceremoniously piled in the middle of the room, next to an overturned fern. Had we been robbed?

Suddenly, the door opened behind us, and we wheeled about, expecting one of our C-levels, come to set everything to rights. But it was just some guy wearing a Postmates t-shirt and sunglasses, carrying a branded messenger bag.

“Are you guys, uh — ” he looked at his iPhone for confirmation, “the interns?”


“Then, this is for you,” he said, pulling a wrapped package out of his messenger bag and handing it to us.

What could it be? 

The guy just shrugged and left. And we were left to unwrap it, with trembling hands. Why — a handheld radio! Tuned to 146.425 MHz. And a copy of the ARRL Ham Radio Technician Class Handbook, with an inscription inside the cover:

“Follow the spectrum.”

 — Yours, Richard S. Rider, CTO,


And in small letters beneath, a mysterious cipher was scrawled:

openQNL repo: password1234
And on that day the Anthuorian Technology Club was born — or should we say reborn?

Richard S. Rider, as we remember him

Much water has passed under the bridge since that fateful day. Much conjecture, gossip and fake news has unfortunately sprang up in the wake of the now infamous vanishing of the former EC staff. As it has already been discussed ad nauseam in the Tri-Cities Gadgette and other tech press, we won’t dwell on it further here. All we can officially say on the matter, is “No comment at this time.”

Nay, we come together again here to put the past behind us, and to start afresh. We who were once lowly interns are leveling up our RF skills and vow to follow the mandate of the illustrious Founders of our Order. We will take up the mantle left to us and continue with the original core product road-map as best we can, wherever it may take us, though we know not the way.

We still believe in the mythic technology underlying OpenQNL, despite our elmer going SK (“Silent Key”, that is: Kicked The Bucket) and everything else that has happened. For Anthuor is with us, and his antlers are antennas.

Helmoquinth, Anthuor!


Tim Boucher (KB3SZG)
Jeremy Puma (KO0PER)
Garrett Kelly (WI5HER)
The Anthuorian Technology Club