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Alternative Phonetics – Modernizing The Amateur Radio Alphabet

Here is the traditional NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

It is often used when giving your call on the amateur bands to clarify letters that may sound alike (“b” and “d” for instance).



We here at the Anthourian Technoloyg Club areΒ working on a more modern version of the alphabet that might appeal more to ‘millennials’ and other folks interested in the Ancient Spectrum Arts.

I know, for myself, I’d much much rather throw out: Wizard Internet 5 Hypogeum E-Meet Reiki on the local nets.

Here is our proposed list. If you would like to contribute to the public discussion and offer your own suggestions, you can comment on the pull request here

A – Anthuor 🦌
B – Broccoli 🌳
C – Coven 🍯
D – Dongle πŸ“Ÿ
E – E-meet πŸ“©
F – Frodo πŸŒ‹
G – Gazebo πŸŽͺ
H – Hypogeum β›³
I – Internet πŸ’»
J – Juicero πŸ‰
K – Kimchi πŸ”₯
L – Lunar πŸŒ“
M – Mystery βš—
N – New Wave 😎
O – Oculus πŸ•Ά
P – Portal πŸ•³
Q – Quasi 〰️
R – Reiki πŸ™Œ
S – Sauerkraut πŸ₯—
T – Tarot πŸƒ
U – UFO πŸ‘½
V – Vinegar 🍷
W – Wizard 🎩
X – X-Files πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό
Y – Yeti β˜ƒοΈ
Z – Zune πŸ“±

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