The Anthourian Technology Club is committed to preserving The Mythic Technologies and other forms of ancient Spectrum Arts.

A non-exhaustive list of core technologies we will be exploring:

โ€“ Software Defined Radio (rtl-sdr, gqrx, web-sdr, scanning, etc)
โ€“ Ham Radio & Ham โ€œculturesโ€
โ€“ โ€œNumber stationsโ€
โ€“ CW (Morse code), RTTY, Packet Radio, digital modes, etc
โ€“ Satellites and other orbiting entities (including the Black Knight Satellite)
โ€“ GQRX-Ghostbox (i.e. โ€œGhost huntingโ€ with SDR)
โ€“ Frequencies Accessible via โ€˜Natureโ€™ aka CyberNature
โ€“ LF (Low Frequencies), VLF (Very Low Frequencies), ELF (Extra Low Frequencies) & ELVES (elves)
โ€“ OpenQNL and other โ€œReality Scripting Languagesโ€ (RSLs)
โ€“ Dream Technology
โ€“ Paranormal Encounter Logging
โ€“ Fermentation
– Lawn Computing
โ€“ Magic (specifically without the โ€œkโ€)
โ€“ Animal Pattern Recognition
โ€“ Obsolete Technology Guilds
โ€“ Signal Identification
โ€“ IoT (Internet of Things and for that matter, Non-Things)